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We have been serving our customers all over the world for over 15 years and we are chosen precisely for the approach we have with them. Easier than solving a problem is not creating it at all: traveling without a load of stress weighing down the suitcase is a service that Direzione Oriente guarantees to all its customers.

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Appointments tailored to your needs. It seems more and more like a stereotype, but we all realize how increasingly difficult it is to find a free moment, perhaps the same as our partner or friends, to make an appointment at an agency. We have therefore chosen to offer our customers the opportunity for flexible and unconventional times and ways. We are available to set appointments in the evening, by telephone, or via Skype according to your needs, to plan your trip together. Meetings by appointment guarantee all our customer’s privacy and confidentiality so that a much more intimate and serene relationship is created with each of the professionals of East Management, managing to turn a dream into reality in a chat with friends  Assisted DIY What is our role then?                                                                                                                                                                                   Treat yourself to true relaxation. We will take away the stress of bookings, fractional payments, online credit cards, advances for friends, and exhausting computer searches, presenting you with a trip that remains completely designed by you and shaped by your wishes, all with the guarantee of safety and assistance.

Why choose assisted do-it-yourself
After several years in the sector, we have seen the demands of our customers change more and more radically.                                                        The customer today comes to us more informed and with a very clear idea of ​​the type of trip he would like to undertake and the budget available.
At this point our work really consists in that added value given by experience and preferential booking channels to be able to satisfy all your needs, thus giving you a unique experience, designed around you.
This type of service leaves you with all the pleasure of discovery while planning a trip, the search for unique places, the joy of sharing images, ideas, and information with travel companions, and all that part of “study” that people like so much.  We are this type of traveler.

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Our services

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Discover paradise with our tropical island tour package: sun-kissed beaches, vibrant culture, and unforgettable experiences await.

Luxury travel

Experience opulence and exclusivity with our luxury travel services, where impeccable service and lavish accommodations create unforgettable journeys

Tailored Itineraries

Crafting personalized itineraries for unique travel experiences tailored to your preferences, interests, and dreams

24/7 support

Round-the-clock customer support and assistance to ensure your travel needs are promptly addressed, anytime, anywhere.

We are a travels company who believes in make excellent quality of service guaranteed.

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