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The term  Ayurveda  comes from “VEDA”, i.e. “knowledge” and from “AYU” i.e. “life”, therefore it means knowledge of life or rather the art of good living. Ayurveda is undoubtedly a particularly effective method in rejuvenation and is considered a system of alternative medicine based on naturopathy for symptomatic and preventive treatments. It is particularly recognized as an excellent antidote against physical, mental and spiritual tiredness, a consequence of the stress of modern society and its lifestyle. Ayurveda, whose goal for centuries has been the achievement of total physical and psychic harmony, is based on the analysis of body humor in order to find the right balance. In fact, it not only cures the deficient parts of the organism but acts on the entire system.

The term  Yoga comes from the Sanskrit “yuj” which means to unite, to join: joining of mind and body into a single whole. It is an increasingly popular discipline around the world and has a reputation for being a powerful force against anxiety and stress. By bringing a disciplined and rhythmic path into our lives, a regular yoga practice enables us to be more focused and at ease with ourselves. While practicing yoga, our mind is completely absorbed by the perceptions, commands and responses that depart from it towards the various parts of the body and return to it; at that moment you are in a state of stillness, awareness and concentration. The system of stretching postures, called asanas, combines with breathing exercises to build strength and flexibility. Immediately after practicing the person lives in a state of calm and peace,




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